TEST / VR180 Previz Cinematic VR

This test footage was created as a preliminary VR live-action movie.

Animated and Rendered by “iClone 7”
Main Characters, Outfits, Architectures and Props from “Daz Studio”
Stereoscopic combined and edited by “Premiere Pro”

Detective woman : Ichigo(75% reflected in G8F figure ), author “Crocodile Liu”
Mysterious woman : Yang, author “DaYin”
Killer skinhead : A original character composed by “Character Creator 3”

H&C Business Suit A for Genesis 8 Female(s) : author “IH Kang”
FG Elegant Party Dress for Genesis 8 Female(s) : author “Fugazi1968”
Crop Jacket Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s) : Daz Originals Barbara Brundon Shox-Design
dForce Long T-Shirt for Genesis 8 Female(s) : author “Aave Nainen”

FG Abandoned Mental Hospital : author “Fugazi1968”
Mall And Crowds : author “WarLord”
Halfblu : author “PolloconKaka”

Retro Muscle Car : author “Polish”
Beretta Pistol : author “adolf.antareus”
iPhone 7 : author “farhad.Guli”
Knife : author “Andrés Moya”
Clutch with Bow : author “MESHit”

BYRD : author “EGO-WRAPPIN’”

Directed by Haruhiko Itoh

This video is not monetized by Haruhiko Itoh.

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